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Dome Control - Sonic Fingers
A revolutionary midi controller

Any scale in one single instrument

Dome control allows you to perform with your sound library in a new and surprising way. Connected to your computer through a MIDI converter (we recommend Alesis Trigger I/O), the Dome Control allows you to play melodies with any sound available and with the powerful expression of percussion.

You can change scale or tonality with just a click, even with a foot controller, between songs or matching harmony changes within a tune. In Sonic Fingers we can help you to configure your setup to match your needs.

Dome Control is manufactured to last a lifetime (no programmed obsolescence here!). The whole body is made of stainless steel.

Tech specs:

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: Diameter 48 cm. Height 20 cm.

Weight: 8 Kg.

Holes: Three (3) to fix the Dome Control into a standard snare stand.

Connectors: One (1) multi-pin placed at one side of the bottom half of the Dome Control.
Hardware required and recommended by SONIC FINGERS:
Trigger to MIDI converter

The perfect companion for Dome Control. With 20 programs that allow you to store 20 different scales quickly accesible. Infinite scales can be programmed in your software (Ableton Live, Cakewalk, Sonar...)
Pan Drum Sampler

Sonic Couture is worlwide famous for their top quality, "haut couture" méme, samplers. Their secret rely in giving a specific sampling approach technique for every instrument. Their Pan Drum sampler collection is a must!!!. Available for Ableton Live and Kontakt.
Foot Controller

Change the scales and add more functions to your feet!! With the convenient setup the Behringer FCB1010 can do wonders in your live setup. WE can ship the FCB1010 preprogrammed for Ableton Live under request.